Limited series of 10 & 20 pieces
Carte blanche given to Lyndie Dourthe – 2016

Lyndie Dourthe reinterprets the hybrid characters conversing in a boudoir, originally created by Rachel Convers for a collection of serving trays.

Displayed like a collection of butterflies in wooden boxes, they are glorified by their new surroundings filled with pinned insects and delicate colored paper flower garlands.


Infused with a little botany, a touch of voodoo, some plant anatomy and a zest of superstition, the Lyndie Dourthe workshop is a cabinet of tiny curiosities.

Confined in her lightweight fabric and paper-filled laboratory, the perseverant hunter, passionate explorer, and unrelenting worker, transforms everything into unique and precious jewelry. Just like naturalists, she has a habit of collecting things: filed, sorted, labeled, and carefully stored in countless boxes, her little treasures become the elements of a collection. But Lyndie also has a talent for telling stories: her pieces are like charms that bring you one step closer to a talisman-like world, while conveying childlike fantasies and evoking plant structures with a certain disarming casualness.

Grace, finesse and sensuality are also in her nature. Considered as an unparalleled colorist, she extracts the most delicate shades of colors from nature and sprinkles them onto flowers and their bulbs. Throughout the year, like a fairy of seasons, she dreams up new specimens of plants, animals, hybrids and germinations inspired from grimoires and horticultural experiences.


Why did you want to meet ?

Rachel : We both have tremendous mutual respect for each other’s creative talent!

I followed Lyndie’s work for years before finally getting in touch with her. In fact, I even own a few of her creations!

I had been longing to collaborate with her on a project. Working together was also an opportunity for us to get to know each other and exchange views on our similar sources of inspiration.

Lyndie : I immediately fell in love with this unique collaboration that consisted in revisiting a part of Ibride’s iconography, in my own way.

Rachel and I share a passion for 19th century pictorial art so I naturally chose to work on the Boudoir characters.

I decided to keep each portrait’s medallion shape, while adding a plant-like feel to them. A paper cutout of a small climbing plant emerges from their hand, wraps itself around our two protagonists and adorns small insect boxes in which I have also pinned flies and beetles.

Lastly, in order to remain true to my work as a curious observant, I have numbered each box from 1 to 10 or 20.

Each piece is thus enriched with a peculiar new story…